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About Us

Karyon Biotechnology

We founded our company in 2008 with the aim of serving in the health and research sector with its young, dynamic and experienced staff. Our mission is to present our products to the market at international standards from the world's leading companies, in accordance with the needs and expectations of our researchers, and to provide after-sales support for our products.


Our products generally include research antibodies and kits, materials for stem cell researchs, molecular biology materials, immunohistochemistry and western blot products, basic laboratory devices, clean room and cold room systems.


Our mission is to give a new direction and momentum to life technologies from a biological perspective. For this purpose, we aimed to bring new technology products to our country by collaborating with leading companies in the field.


Our purpose is to provide the best service and support for scientific research and development with our products, systems and continuous technical service approach. We will be happy to ensure your satisfaction by offering ready-to-use laboratory solutions to our valued researchers.

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